The Danger of Smoking in Relation with Heart Disease

Heart Disease:

There are those individuals who are in rejection in regards to the relationship between heart disease and smoking. Often, this rejection is based upon self-denial and the need to smooth out any criticism deflected towards smoking; or the rejection comes from those who profit from the sale of cigarettes. Granted, smoking stays legal and a personal preference, but it is also a risky practice and individuals must recognize that a smoking habit can contribute to severe heart disease over time.

Past belief that contribute to heart disease

If you are an admirer of classic television programs or old movies, there is something that is so overpowering that it can not be ignored and that is the dreadful number (by today's standards) of people who are smoking.

If you look at old episodes of Johnny Carson's Tonight Show, he carelessly puffs on a cigarette all the way through the bulk of the program; classic films of the 1930's and 1940's are full with actors puffing away during the duration of the program; and, most peculiar in display, there is a scene in 1973's The Exorcist where the doctors are smoking in the examination scene.

Yes, at one time, smoking was so ordinary and present in the world that it gained a foothold in pop culture. The reason this was so widespread was because close to 50% of the community was seriously addicted to tobacco. Sadly, this compulsion was not without effect as significant volumes of lung cancer and heart disease amplified to coincide with the enormous spike in individuals who took pleasure in their cigarettes.

You are a smoker, and you cannot picture ever stopping. You are so addicted to the nicotine, that you do not care the fact that you cannot taste food or breathe properly for years. However, family and friends are becoming more and more worried for your health. Therefore, you should know that there is a direct association between smoking and heart disease.

How smoking creates heart disease

Whether it was in a magazine, or in the newspaper, undoubtedly you have seen the caution in regard to smoking and heart disease. However, you most likely just overlook it and think "It will never occur to me." Well, the reality is that it can, and in all probability it will, if you do not quit smoking soon.

Firstly, have you ever been in a big city near a truck in traffic and had to shut your car window because of the fumes that were being expelled by the truck? Those fumes are carcinogens, and those carcinogens are what can be originated in your cigarettes.

The carcinogens found in cigarettes are part of the relationship between smoking and heart disease. These substances that are in the cigarette get absorbed into the blood flow. As the result, the blood is contaminated, and you have to remember that the blood is pumped through the heart.

As the blood is pumped through the heart, the nicotine from the cigarettes also develops in the blood flow. As a result, the blood becomes thick, which can create clots. Also, the nicotine will build up in the valves leading to the heart, which can become a risk factor for heart attack.

Smoking causes a number of devastating effects on the human body including respiratory problems, the stunting of development, etc. When it comes to the consequences on the human heart, continuous inhalation of smoke over an extended period of years, perhaps the most major effect that smoke has is the fact that it narrows the arteries. When this takes place, the blood flow through the arteries becomes limited. Needless to say, this is a hazardous state as a potential heart attack is a significant possibility.

Bear in mind the negative effects of smoking on the human heart are not immediate. Unlike, say, a cocaine overdose where an enormous influx of stimulation overloads the heart at one time, the effects of smoking are slow but sure. Because of this, even a person who has been smoking for an extended number of years may be able to avoid a severe condition provided they give up smoking before a destructive condition takes hold.

Needless to say, any smoker who has fears of contracting heart disease should throw the pack of cigarettes out the window as soon as possible. It would be the best health decisions a person could make.

So, now that you know the relationship between smoking and heart disease, you truly should consider stopping smoking. If you have just started smoking, you are at an advantage when it comes to your health, because the nicotine has not had adequate amount of time to create those serious health problems yet.

However, if you have been smoking for years, your health is in problem if you continue smoking. Possibly you have seen a picture of the lungs of a smoker, if you have not, one way to explain them is black trash bags. You surely do not desire your lungs to look like that now do you?

Cindy Heller is a professional writer. Visit facts about heart disease to learn more about signs of heart disease and other causes of coronary heart disease.

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