Is Monistat 7 Really a Good Yeast Infection Treatment?

Yeast Infection:

If you are reading this you are probably familiar with yeast infection symptoms and are looking for a way to get rid of it. You will also agree with me that yeast infections are embarrassing and sometimes very painful. Of course there are various solutions to get rid of it. The medications are either in the form of home remedies, prescription drugs and over the counter medicine like Monistat 7.

If you are interested in trying Monistat 7 you should be aware that it comes in three formats or should I say dosage. First you can buy Monistat 1 which is a one day treatment suppository. Then you have Monistat 3 which you use for three consecutive nights and then there is Monistat 7 which works in the same way. You should be aware that all of those over the counter medicine contains nitrate and miconazole.

By writing this article I really want to you be fully aware of what could happen to you by using over the counter medicine like Monistat 7. Since this medication is in the form of a suppository that you need to insert in your vagina I would highly recommend that you read completely the various warnings that are provided with this medicine. There as been claims of brutal and painful side effects related to the use of this medication to treat your yeast infections.

Of course side effects vary from one person to another but some of the worst side effect that comes back on a regularly basis are intense itching and burning sensation. Some have even experienced abdominal pain and bleeding. I would highly recommend consulting your doctor before starting a full course of Monistat 7 treatment.

You probably heard of many people who told you that Monistat 7 helped them get rid of their yeast infections maybe you are reading this because of such people. But you should be aware that there is probably an equal amount of women who suffered from severe and intense torturous pain over the period of time they used Monistat 7.

Your doctor should be fully aware of the possible side effects that may results from using Monistat 7. I highly suggest gathering as much information as possible about Monistat 7, information such as the dosage amount you need to take for the different product.

Here is an example of the kind of information you could gather before seeing your doctor and before starting the treatment of course.

Monistat 7:

- Dosage = 20 Milligrams (one dose)
- Inserted in the Vagina at Bedtime
- Need to be continued for seven consecutive nights

With this information your doctor should have enough information to help you decide whether you should try it or not.

Another important thing you must be aware of with Monistat 7 is that there is a period of usage. You can find these warnings within the documentation given with the medication. If for any reason your yeast infection is not cured after that period you should consult your doctor. Your Doctor will then be able to inform you of other medication that can help you get rid of you vaginal yeast infection.

I hope you have found the information about the Monistat 7 Treatment usefull. Visit my website for more information about the various yeast infection cure.

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