Gentian Violet - An Effective Treatment For Thrush

Yeast Infection:

What is gentian violet?

Gentian violet sounds like something that is very sophisticated but actually it is not. It certainly is not a color but rather gentian violet is just a quite popular treatment for thrush. Thrush occurs because of infections on the skin or mucous membranes inside the mouth and may infect both infants and adults.

People at special risk for developing thrush are the following: newborn babies, denture users, adults with diabetes or other metabolic disturbance, people undergoing antibiotic or chemotherapy treatment, drug users, people with poor nutrition and people with an immune deficiency. These people or the people around them, whichever is applicable, should be extra observant so that any signs or symptoms of thrush can be detected and then treated right away otherwise the condition has a chance of worsening.

It is a belief of many that gentian violet is the most effective treatment of nipple soreness for breastfeeding mothers. The mothers who have used gentian violet can attest that relief is rapid so meaning it usually works right when you need it meaning as soon as possible but make sure that the dosage is right. To be discussed in the paragraphs to follow are some of the suggestions to people who use and about to use gentian violet for thrush. These next items will indeed be very useful to gentian violet users.

Gentian violet can be messy so timing, though not everything in this case, of the application of this treatment is essential. Most mothers prefer to doing the treatment just before they get a good night's sleep because during those house they can keep their nipples exposed thus no need to worry about staining their clothes while the application is in progress.

The effect of the gentian violet for thrush is sort of immediate and in most cases thrush is one hundred percent gone by the third day if not then consider applying affected areas for a few more days. If problem persists then it is time to consult your doctor.

If baby is irritable while being nurse by a mother who uses gentian violet for thrush then the mother should stop using the gentian violet immediately and then go see a doctor instead for other possible suggestions for the treatment of the thrush.

There are other ways to cure thrush but gentian violet is still the one thing that people readily look for when thrush occurs. In this case there is a need to make sure that it is the genuine gentian violet for thrush and not some rip off medicine that you have in hand. This is so because some people are questioning the credibility of gentian violet and some attribute the failed times of gentian violet to fake products that do not have same ingredients as the real gentian violet.

These are just some of the things that users of gentian violet for thrush should be aware of. The notes are just easy to remember. It is now possible for you to recall how and why gentian violet should be used for thrush. If unfortunately one day you wake up and discover that you have thrush then you can use the information in this article for your own good. Otherwise you can always provide the information you have read to a very worried mother whose kid has thrush but who knows nothing about gentian violet.

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