Sweating too much? Six Reasons for Excessive Sweating


Man and woman struggling with excessive sweating are suffering from a serious problem. Excessive sweating often limits people's lives because we do our best to protect ourselves from being reviled as excessive sweaters. In the continuing article I will examine six of the most common reasons why some sweat too much.

*Some diets often cause excessive sweating. I am not referring to diets like a program, but to the different things you eat. Strong spices often cause excessive sweating. A healthy diet will help you a lot on your way toward less sweaty armpits.

*Coffee together with energy drinks or drinks with a high level of sugar are also not beneficial if you want to lower the level you sweat. Sure, an ice cold drink cools your body for a while, but the energy loaded ingredients will increase your blood pressure instantly and lead you to sweat more. The negative consequences of the ingredients will last longer than the cool down feeling the drinks will give you. Coffee is most often a hot drink and will also not help. Try water.

*A lot of excessive sweaters smoke. Smoking will actually calm your body for a short while after each cigarette, and this will cool down the sweat. The problem is that people who smoke after 10 - 20 minutes want more cigarettes. The different toxin in the cigarettes together with the blood pressure that grows when the body wants a new cigarette leads to increased sweating. Go cold turkey on cigarettes and after a couple of days you will be amazed how much it helps you decrease your sweating.

*One of the worst traps that excessive sweaters step into is chemical products marketed to clean you body. Body lotions, soaps, shampoo and even antiperspirants are produced with a lot of toxics. These toxics irritate your skin and body and make you sweat even more. It becomes a bad circle because those of us who sweat use even more perfume, antiperspirant and skin lotions to prevent the problem, but only end up making it worse.

*Shopping for clothes is not fun when you are an excessive sweater. However, when you do be sure to read the label that tells you what the clothes are made from. Use cotton or wool if it is cold and stay away from non natural materials. Acrylic socks are a common mistake, together with polyester shirts or suits. Let your body be able to breathe some air.

*Thinking about your sweat problem will only make it worse. When you are in a situation where you start to stress about your sweating or fearing that you will start to sweat, you only make it worse. It is hard, but when you notice that you start sweating, try to ignore it and start thinking about something completely different.

There are several solutions available for excessive sweaters. Some of these are hyped up products that will do you nothing, others will help for a shorter period of time like Botox or aluminum chloride (Talk to a doctor or a pharmacist before using this) and other will make it even worse. One method that works for me is detoxing. You have both internal and external detoxing. Internal is when you choose a diet and a lifestyle that excludes things like sugar, coffee, cigarettes, spices etc from your diet. This is good, but I also think it is hard to follow up.

External detoxing is the process of changing the way you clean your body. This includes changing your beauty and washing products as well as some other methods I have had great success with. The external detoxing, together with some of the other mentioned advices is what helped me stop sweating excessively.

To read more about the causes of excessive sweating and to find out how you can cure your sweat issues feel free to visit my website.

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