Sweating And Oily Skin


In most cases of oily skin, you will only find that your face is only while the rest of the skin on your body stays fairly normal. It is the sebaceous glands that produce more oil than necessary, and this usually occurs on your face, much to the chagrin of everyone.

Your face is slick and shiny and you want to do everything you can to keep it from getting out of hand, especially if you find that you are prone to acne, as many people with oily skin tend to be.

Because too much oil traps dirt and dead skin cells and clogs up pores, making them the perfect place for bacteria to multiply, you may already assume that sweating will only make things worse. If you sweat too much, you could only aggravate your condition, your skin will be even shinier, and your pores will clog up with even more stuff.

Not so. In fact, sweating will give you the opposite effect. When you sweat, you are actually helping to clear out your pores and ridding yourself of toxins, and in general, giving your body and skin a boost. Sweating will help push the clogged materials out of your pores, like natural exfoliation. This can be a great thing considering most exfoliation products only scrub away at the surface.

Other treatments such as microdermabrasion and chemical peels can dig deeper and get at the deeper areas of your pores, but the majority of people out there do not have the time or extra money to get a professionally done microdermabrasion treatment or chemical peel.

Instead, you can give yourself a good sweat and let your body do the rest. Though it is true that sweating is not the one way to exfoliate and also may not always get every pore clear, it does help out in the long run. The best way to get a good, effective sweat going on is to utilize exercise.

You can exercise any way you like as long as it makes you sweat. Exercise is also good for your skin and your body. As oily skin is most commonly caused by hormones, daily exercise might help in keeping your hormones more stable and thus leaving you with less oily skin.

It is recommended that you rinse off your face after sweating (or just hop in the shower after a nice round of exercise) because after getting those icky materials out of your pores, they are still going to have traces on your face.

It is possible that the materials already in your skin may linger and simply catch in other pores. While the sweat itself is not a threat to your skin, the remaining pore plugging substances need to be removed before they go back to their usual method of sneaking into your pores and causing outbreaks of acne.

Because the best way to work up a good sweat is by exercising, you should look into starting an exercise program for yourself. There are many, many benefits to exercise than just sweating away your stopped up pores and oily skin.

Exercising will make your body much healthier and will improve your condition overall. That includes getting rid of stress, as the workout helps you get out all that pent up stress energy and ease you back into a better mood, which will also help reduce your oily skin and acne outbreaks.

Once you are finished working out, working up a sweat, and rinsing your face clean, you can go ahead and continue with your daily facial routine. Keeping things consistent will help your skin get back into shape and become less oily over time.

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