How to prevent ringworm in children?


Fungi called dermatophytes are responsible for producing scalp and skin infections in children, especially in those who are active and practice sports.

Ringworm infections can be encountered also in animals like pets but people who have a weakened immune system (AIDS, cancer, diabetes) can also have it. Crowded places, lesions on the skin or scalp, low personal hygiene, are just a few conditions that can lead to ringworm.

Ringworm is not produced by a worm as the name might suggest. This disease is called ringworm due to the red rings which appear on the skin after contamination had occurred. At first the child might complain of itching and dandruff. On the skin a red, scaly patch or bump might appear. Hair loss in the affected areas of the scalp can also occur due to ringworm. The scalp can also become red, might swell, and become painful. An inflamed mass known as a kerion might also occur and fluid might come out of this mass.

When affecting the nails ringworm can cause thick, white or yellowish, and brittle nails.

If you think your child has ringworm it is best to take him for a checkup at the doctor. Diagnosing ringworm is easily made, just by looking at the lesions or by taking a small sample of the affected tissue and testing it for fungus.

In order to treat ringworm the doctor will prescribe a topic antifungal ointment or cream and in some cases oral antifungal medication.

Your child should find out that sharing pillows, combs, or brushes can give ringworm to other children so try to make him understand that prevention is easier than treatment.

The ringworm infection of the groin and upper thighs is called jock itch infection. This type of infection is common in children who sweat a lot while playing sports. Also spending time in hot and humid weather, wearing tight swimming suits that can cause friction, sharing towels and other clothes can lead to jock itch infection.

Some of the symptoms of jock itch are: intense itch in the groin or thighs; redness of the skin in the affected areas, and dandruff like scaling.

In order to treat the jock itch infection the doctor will prescribe topic antifungal ointment. The child should change his clothes every day, should use clean towels and should continue the treatment at least 2 weeks after the symptoms are gone.

Another infection caused by ringworm is athlete's foot. This infection affects the soles of the feet, the skin between the toes, and even the nails from the toes. This condition often appears in people who have sweaty feet and in athletes most of all.

The symptoms of athlete's foot refer to: redness, itching, burning, and stinging on the soles of the feet. The skin may flake, peel, blister, or crack.

In order to treat this affection the patient has to use antifungal creams or sprays for a few weeks and for avoiding getting this infection again he has to keep his feet clean and dry.

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