Parkinson's Disease - Colloidal Silver or Colloidal Gold


With the renowned effects of colloidal gold on serious malfunctions of the nervous system, therapists have tried to use it in the treatment of severe diseases such as Parkinson. This health problem is in fact a slowly-progressing disorder of the nervous system that shows as first outward signs uncontrolled body movements and loss of muscle control. Colloidal gold solutions have been used together with colloidal silver in experimental treatments of patients in the advanced stage of Parkinson disease and the results were sheer condition improvement. The deterioration of the patients?condition appears on the background of the destruction of the brain stem cells.

Scientists have used colloidal gold as a cell maker; implanted at the level of the nervous tissue, colloidal gold stimulates cellular growth and ensures the survival of the existing nervous structure. This method has been used for a long time now to stimulate the body's production of new tissue particularly during the recovery period after wounds or extensive disease. Colloidal gold used in the treatment of Parkinson disorder has even led to complete remission of the disease in the most fortunate of cases. Otherwise, improvement of the general condition has been reported with the regain of the sense of smell for instance and of color vision.

The success colloidal gold enjoys for patients suffering from incurable affections is partly justified by the technological process used in the manufacturing. Homeopaths and other specialists in the field talk about the ultrafine gold molecules or nanometer-sized particles. Usually, colloidal gold used in the treatment of Parkinson disease is manufactured under gel or gelatin-like form, which is easily recognized by the yellow or white color of the compound. The medical procedure relies in fact on a combination of inactive virus structures used as envelopes, in which colloidal cold is introduced. Afterwards, the inactive viruses will act as a fusion element with the nervous cells, whereas, colloidal gold will stimulate the regeneration of the function.

Another study in the field has proved excellent results in the Parkinson cases when wet cells batteries with colloidal gold and silver solutions have been used during a four-month treatment. Used at home, this treatment had slight to moderate effects, but just like in the other colloidal gold applications for Parkinson, great improvement was reported in some individual cases. Reduced tremors and increased face expressiveness are among the most frequent victories against this unforgiving health problem. Further progress in the use of colloidal gold is still expected.

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