Memory Loss - Why You Lose Your Train Of Thought - And What To Do About It

Memory Loss:

Have you ever been in the middle of a thought when, all of a sudden, you can't remember what you were thinking about anymore? If so, rest assured that you're not alone. Just about everyone has experienced memory loss or loss of focus at some point or another.

It's easy, after all, to get sidetracked by so much stimulation around us on a daily basis! Researchers believe that we are exposed to at least 1,000 advertisements each day - that's enough stimulation to distract anyone.

In addition to over stimulation by media, such as the telephone, email, TV, or video games, there are some proven elements that cause people to lose their train of thought, including the following:

1) Hypertension - Chances are good that if you have hypertension and high blood pressure, you will be more likely to have mental deterioration.

2) Diabetes - Like hypertension, Diabetes can play a huge role in lowering cognitive function, especially amongst older women.

3) Low serum folate - Low levels of serum folate have been shown to lead to the atrophy of the cerebral cortex - the part of the brain in which we process thoughts and memories.

4) Vitamin B12 deficiency - If you are not getting enough B12 in your daily diet, your memory may very well take a hit. Other nutrient deficiencies can lead to additional brain function loss. For example, a lack of folic acid or omega 3 fatty acids may lead to an increased chance of dementia.

5) Toxicities - There are many toxicities that can lead to decreased brain function as well, including exposure to heavy metals, narcotics, and aluminum.

6) Menopause - Yes, it's true, women. You may experience decreased memory function and concentration during menopause.

If you experience memory loss or are constantly losing your train of thought, there are some things you can do that may help improve the situation. Exercising multiple times a week for at least half an hour can reduce your risk of memory loss. Every one mile that a woman walks per week can decrease her risk of memory loss by as much as 13%. Also, take up a new language. Research indicates that individuals with low linguistic ability may be more likely to experience memory loss than those with high linguistic ability.

Remember: everyone experiences a certain degree of memory loss at some point in time. Simply losing your train of thought once in a while should not be a concern, but it could be an indicator that you need to evaluate your life habits and perhaps seek the advice of a professional to determine the correct course of action.

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