Treat Your Eczema At Home


Learning to treat your eczema and gain relief at home can provide you with freedom that you may not otherwise experience. A surprising number of Eczema sufferers are realizing that the treatments they give themselves in their own home can have a much more fundamental effect in the fight to beat the condition. I've put together a few tips here so you can try it for yourself.

Fix Your Diet-
It's often the change that has the biggest effect on your Eczema, and ironically is most often the easiest change to implement into your lifestyle. Scientific reports have hinted that foods with a high acidity can have direct links to Eczema. You can fix this very efficiently by visiting a dietician and getting some ideas for a new diet-but realistically, most people have neither the means or the inclination to visit a specialist dietician, so I would suggest a trip to your local health food store. Kelp supplements can most likely be found there, and they are proven to have a very high Alkali content. This alkali will neutralize the acid in your stomach from Acidic foods, and so can be a quick way to get relief.

The more you moisturize the less bother your eczema will give you, period. For most people the dreaded itching is amongst the worse parts of being an Eczema sufferer, and a regular moisturization regime can really help eliminate that itch. The best method is to moisturize each day after your bath or shower, and lightly towel yourself dry before application. Applying the moisturizer to slightly damp skin like this will help you lock some of the moisture inside the skin, giving even greater relief.

Blueberry Leaf Lotion-
Blueberry leaves contain Chlorogenic Acid, which sounds like a big scientific word, but what it means is that the extract from Blueberry leaves can be used to keep your skin clear of the exact kinds of microbes which trigger and exacerbate your Eczema condition. If you locate some of this extract in a lotion or cream, you can use it to help reduce any swelling or itching you may be suffering from.

Use an emollient-
An emollient is like a moisturizer but it actually uses fat as a base. Gross huh? Be that as it may, the emollients can work wonders if you use them as a moisturizer. The fat content can actually seal the surface of your skin, keeping all the moisture inside it. This can be very good for you as it will keep your skin supple and soft, and make it less prone to flaking and itching.

You don't need me to tell you how much of a pain Eczema can be, but hopefully if you apply some of these tips you can find some considerable relief.

Baby eczema treatment
Naturally Treat Your Eczema

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