What Do We Know About Asthma And Asthma Types?

Asthma: Asthma Types

Asthma is a respiratory disease which can attack absolutely anyone infant, child, adult or senior. The mechanism of a healthy respiratory system is that when faced with any problem, the air sacs (or the alveoli) in the lungs first constrict to obstruct the bad air from getting in, and then expand to expel the already inhaled traces of pollution. In this way, the lungs handle the problem and protect the lungs.

What Happens When Asthma Attacks?

The same mechanism is triggered off in asthmatic patients as well. The difference however, comes at the phase when the lungs constrict to stop the entry of the irritant air. While in the healthy person the air sacs immediately expand, to expel the culprit, in the asthmatic person, the air sacs constrict further, giving the person respiratory distress signals such as breathlessness and gasping for breath symptoms.

There is quite a lot of information on asthma and asthma types all over the internet. Those who want to learn more in depth about both asthma and asthma types can browse and find all they want to know. Basically, there are two main types of asthma, i.e. extrinsic and intrinsic.

The extrinsic asthma is what most people are suffering from. As you will find from the asthma and asthma types information, this type of asthma is usually triggered by allergens. This type of asthma starts usually in the childhood and continues into adulthood. The most common triggers for this asthma are eczemas, hay fever and allergies that are handed down through the family medical history.

As the child grows up into his teens, this asthma will disappear. In some cases, it will re-appear when the child becomes an adult. There are cases however; there will be no reoccurrence at later stages of life.

It does not matter what asthma and asthma types information you look up, you find it confirmed everywhere that people who have asthma can lead perfectly normal lives without being hindered in any way about this disease. They have to extremely careful however, that they avoid any and all types of things that trigger the onslaught of asthma. As long as there are no immediate triggers, the patient will have absolutely no problems.

As per the asthma and asthma types information from the web, you will observe that the intrinsic asthma is on the other hand caused by respiratory infection mostly and require fast and constant medical supervision.

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