Tips to preventing anorexia


Anorexia is a very common disease, especially among teenagers. They find themselves at that terrifying age when they do not know what path to take, what they like and hormones are giving parties in their organism. So as a parent it is your responsibility to watch over your child and give him a good example through yourself.

Try to remember that what you do affects them. If you do not want your child to suffer from anorexia, then try taking some of the pieces of advice I am going to give you.

First of all, be careful what you say about the food you eat, about your body and be especially careful about what kind of food you buy. A little confused? Let me explain. Have you ever skipped meals, bought low fat food or with no fat al all? Ha ve you ever said that food is not good and because you eat too much you?re too fat and hate yourself for that.

Your child has a fagile mind and all these remarks, which to you may seem normal, he/ she might take them otherwise. Incurage your child to lead a healthy life, explain them about food, and most important of all, communicate with your kid. Take interest in what they do, ask them about their lives, friends, school. Be their friend as well as their parents.

The media, the society has a big role as well in making anorexia become a more common disease than it was. We can only see skinny girls presenting lines of clothes, starring in the movies, almost everywhere. This might make a girl stop and think: I should be like her, right? In the past there were even weight limits in many for many of the jobs that a woman could do. Today the scenery has changed a little, but not enough.

Don?t get me wrong. There is nothing bad in being slim, if this is the way you are. But to starve yourself to death to be this way is not good at all.

So besides all the problems parents must face with their family life, now they have another one: anorexia. Researchers say that most anorexics have been diagnosed with this disease between 15 and 21 years of age. So sit together at tha table, eat with your children, do not neglect this.

If you want to have a healthy child, and prevent him/ her from anorexia take time to eat together, take time to play ball together or whatever they like to do.

For more information about anorexia or even about signs of anorexia please click this link

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