Perfumes For People With Allergies


Perfumes come in what seems like a never ending option of fragrances and aromas. For people with allergies (such as seasonal or allergic reactions to dust or asthmatic symptoms) wearing perfume can be a struggle.

People with allergies still like to make a statement and explore perfumes and fragrances, however it can be challenging to find one that doesn't trigger a reaction. A few basic hints can help someone who is looking for perfume but not the breathing and reactive symptoms that accompany it can make the world of scent statements more manageable.

For starters, light is always better than heavy. Whether you are talking about the scent itself or the application process, a light aroma has less likelihood of setting off an allergic reaction. A light application of a mild scent is easier for people to tolerate than anything else and can free an individual from a scentless existence.

When shopping for a fragrance, bring a trusted friend with you. Explain what you are looking for and have them do most of the sniffing in an attempt to find the light aromas that are less likely to set you off. Once you experience an allergic reaction the shopping experience will come to an end since it will be impossible for you to tell whether any other scents give you the same reaction.

Avoid musky scents and floral aromas, as these tend to have a high concentration of allergy triggers. Softer oriental or woody scents carry the least likely reactive triggers. These can be difficult to determine if you are standing in an aisle with rows of scents such as you will find at a discount store. Wherever you choose to do your searching for the right perfume for you, make sure you choose a place that has a staffed counter so you can explain what you are looking for while minimizing exposure to other basic allergens. Ask permission to step a few feet from the counter so that you are not in the direct line of fire from other harsher scents that someone else is considering.

Try to plan the perfume shopping trip on a low allergy trigger day. If you live in a heavy smog environment, or a high pollen area, your available days may be limited. These are the days you probably wouldn't be able to wear any perfume anyway. Walking into the store with allergy symptoms is not a solid platform for trying to find a perfume you can tolerate.

Try out a few colognes. Sometimes the different water alcohol base level in cologne makes it easier for an individual to tolerate the aroma. Perfumes have a higher concentration of oils, and their scent is stronger because of this. There are plenty of feminine scented colognes to choose from. Again, ask a staffed counter individual for assistance.

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