How Good Are Lima Beans For A Heartburn Cure?

Acid Reflux:

Do you think of heartburn in the same breath as food? Maybe it's the thought of a home cooked meal that seems most satisfying or the fun of eating out at a new restaurant. Or maybe you're one of those that see food primarily as fuel. With any of these dining scenarios you may also see heartburn symptoms as part of the picture.

This is what makes the heartburn remedy industry what it is today. But what they are selling is really temporary relief, while the real answer goes unappreciated.

One of the smart ways to gain control of heartburn is to get more vegetables under your belt. The healthy recommendation is to have more than half of your daily food intake come from plant foods. There are many to choose from, so be sure to add variety. Almost all vegetables are a good source of healthy enzymes and minerals and yet each is different in nutritional value. Variety is the best way to get the balance that you need.

Here is an example of the power of plant foods:

One cup lima beans

Potassium - 955 mg

Magnesium - 9 mg

Phosphorous - 208 mg

Calcium - 32 mg

That's a lot of potassium, but unlike antacids, which are in a concentrated dose, plants, on the other hand, provide the body with minerals over a period of several hours, as they slowly makes their way into the system. This gives more time for it to be stored rather than flushed out of the body.

Getting 5-10 percent of daily protein from animal products is really all you need. Plant foods do a far better job of providing everything you need to be healthy. They can provide the necessary protein. They can provide all the minerals and vitamins, except vitamins D and B12, with less calories. Sunshine and milk are the best places to get vitamin D. Sufficient B12 can be had from a small helping of meat.

This way of thinking takes care of heartburn caused by an over acidic food base and builds body reserves.

There's no question that cooking would be a lot different with just plant foods. This is one reason why fad diets fail - the palate craves variety.

The things that excite the palate are not the same things that the body needs. The nutrition that that the body needs comes from a plate of green beans or an artichoke. So to have a good heartburn treatment, it's balance that that will win the day. If this seems a bit chard to swallow, remember that there are cultures with fine cuisine that do not rely on meat as a main course.

A balanced diet can do a lot for heartburn. If meal portions are reasonable, a a dayt with several servings of fruits and vegetables can provide the neutralizing power to provide a heartburn cure.

There are also dozens of natural heartburn remedies that that can be used to ward off heartburn. These are usually herbs and fruits; so simple in their effectiveness in doing what the body needs, dealing with heartburn without upsetting the natural balance.

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