Can Peanuts Cause Acid Reflux Symptoms?

Acid Reflux:

Some with acid reflux related pain and problems can follow what they are told to do by their doctor only to find that they are not getting the relief they think they should be getting. In some cases, they may do everything to the letter and find that their pain is getting worse. When this happens, it pays to go back and figure out if something in their diet or lifestyle that is causing the problems to remain or get worse. It's possible to have missed a simple trigger that is causing the flare up. What about peanuts? Can peanuts cause acid reflux problems? Well, they are a problem for some, and it can happen in two different ways.

Peanuts are a dry food as well as a high fat food, both of which can encourage acid reflux. There is also some suggestion that peanuts can relax the esophageal muscle that separates the stomach from the esophagus. When this muscle relaxes it means it's unable to close fully and acid can leak out from the stomach and splash back up into the esophagus.

The other reason why peanuts might be a problem is far less obvious. This has a lot to do with food allergies. Though someone with a peanut allergy knows they can not have them in any way, those who have food sensitivities often have no idea what they sensitive to at first. They may be sensitive to peanuts but have no idea, and this could be leading to intense problems with acid reflux and the related symptoms. Peanuts are a common food that many are sensitive to, and this extends to other foods that are closely related to them.

The problem with being sensitive to peanuts is they are a common ingredient in many foods, and probably more common than most people think. If you ask someone who has a peanut allergy, they can give you a long list of things and even places that they must avoid to stay well. Being sensitive to peanuts and not being aware of it may result in GERD treatments not working, which can be very frustrating if you are following all the other recommendations from your doctor.

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Removing peanuts is an easy solution for this, but it can be hard to do for some people. Peanuts show up in the oddest places, and even in minute traces where foods are manufactured. However, now that peanut allergies are taken more seriously, most foods will have a warning if there is peanut in the product or if there is a chance there may be trace amounts from preparation.

Try keeping a food diary and reading labels on all food products that you have to see if your symptoms coincide with eating food containing peanuts or peanut traces.

If you show sensitivity to peanuts try to remove them from your diet. If these can be removed from the diet, someone asking can peanuts cause acid reflux may have just found their answer. If feeling better, it is best to avoid them and to speak to your doctor about possible sensitivities to peanuts and like foods.

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