Aerophagia Explained - Causes And Aerophagia Treatment

Acid Reflux:

Aerophagia (var. aerophagy) is a condition that occurs when a person swallows too much air, which goes to the stomach. It causes gas bloating of the abdomen and frequent belching. It may cause pain, too, which sometimes is difficult to diagnose.
Actually, the reflux of the stomach's liquid contents into the esophagus occurs in most normal individuals. In fact, one study found that reflux occurs as frequently in normal individuals as in patients with GERD. In patients with GERD, however, the refluxed liquid contains acid more often, and the acid remains in the esophagus longer. Aerophagia is defined as a condition when a person swallows too much air. This air is usually goes to the stomach. People with Aerophagia are believed to have excessive belches due to air swallowing.

What causes acid reflux

The sphincter at the bottom of the oesophagus normally prevents acid reflux. Problems occur if the sphincter does not work very well. This is common, but in most cases it is not known why it does not work so well. In some cases the pressure in the stomach rises higher than the sphincter can withstand. For example, during pregnancy, after a large meal, or when bending forward. If you have a hiatus hernia (when part of the stomach protrudes into the chest through the diaphragm), you are quite likely to develop reflux. Some other factors that can make heartburn worse include:

* Certain foods, such as fatty foods, spicy foods, chocolate, caffeine, onions, tomato sauce, carbonated beverages and mint
* Alcohol
* Large meals
* Lying down too soon after eating

Aerophagia Symptoms

Aerophagia (air swallowing, excessive or constant burping) is defined as a condition when a person swallows too much air. This air is usually goes to the stomach. People with Aerophagia are believed to have excessive belches due to air swallowing. You probably also heard terms like constant or excessive belching or burping. These conditions are closely related to aerophagia but not necessarily caused by it.

Since excessive burping (or some called it chronic belching) happened to me a lot of times I always was curious why the heck it happens.

Exams and Tests

Your health care provider usually can diagnose reflux disease just by the symptoms you report.

* He or she will probably recommend lifestyle changes first and perhaps an over-the-counter antacid.
* If symptoms continue for more than 4 weeks despite this therapy, you may be referred to a gastroenterologist.


The rubric "lifestyle modifications" is the term physicians use when recommending non-drug GERD treatments. A 2006 review suggested that evidence for most dietary interventions is anecdotal; only weight loss and elevating the head of the bed were supported by evidence. A subsequent randomized crossover study showed benefit by avoiding eating two hours before bed. Also try to control the way you speak. I noticed that during speaking (especially if it is anxious speaking) you tend to swallow more air. So try to do something every time you're about to swallow air - make a pause, change your sitting position, etc.

Acid Reflux Diet

* Avoid high-fat meals such as those from the fast food chains. High fat foods will remain in the stomach longer, thus causing the need for more stomach acid in order to digest them.
* But remember, don't overeat! Eating too much of any foods will stimulate the stomach to secret more acids

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